4-3-21… It’s the Final Countdown

Today is 4/3/21 and a friend sent me this gif. Get it?! 4-3-2-1… 4-3-21… 4/3/21… the perfect day to announce The Final Countdown to my return to in-person sessions with The Wait List.

Introducing the NoVA Weekend Warriors and Meg Donnelly LMT, LLC official final countdown, The Wait List

Thank you to so many of you for your support and encouragement over the past year. After a year without in-person therapeutic massage sessions, I’m so excited to announce that I will be slowly coming back this month. How slowly? Well, I’ll be starting with Tuesdays only from 11am – 7pm, and then adding additional days of the week from there.

But how long is the wait to book a session?

My scheduler will not be open initially. The Wait List allows you to share your preferred dates and times, and prioritizes you as I open sessions up. While The Wait List is open for all clients, past, present and future, please note that as I open up availability, existing clients and those who purchased gift certificates during or before the pandemic will be prioritized.

The Safety Dance

I’m very excited to get started in-person again, as safely as possible. While we are making progress as more and more vaccines become available, please note that the pandemic is not over yet. Should numbers spike or state/local guidelines change, I may need to pause again. Additionally, there are many measures we will both need to consider for a return visit to the studio. Please review these COVID-19 Related Shared Commitments, Terms & Conditions to get a broad understanding of the shared expectations and commitments we will both be making, should you book a session in my massage studio when the time is right.

Thank You All

I want to thank everyone again for the support over the past year. While I adapted to focusing on movement and mobility focused online sessions through my personal training certification during the past year, I have missed the core of my work as a licensed massage therapist. It is the true heart and soul of my business, NoVA Weekend Warriors and Meg Donnelly LMT, LLC. I am excited to be bringing back the benefits of therapeutic massage to my current and future clients, allowing each of you to move freely and feel confident in your body.

I’ll end this announcement with one final commitment...

Please know that while 1980’s music gems featured in the gifs embedded throughout this post will now be stuck in my head for who knows how long, I promise not to sing or hum them out loud in the massage studio, even if you choose them as your music selections during your session. Now if you pass me on the trail, that’s another story!