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Moving Freely written in a serif and script font with the NoVA Weekend Warriors logo with deep fuschia and silver tones

Introducing Moving Freely an online, on demand four week mobility course

Course drops mid 2022. Presale orders now available!

About the Moving Freely Course

Appreciate movement and mobility in an accessible, fun, and empowering way… whenever and wherever you’d like!  


Join Meg Donnelly, Movement Coach & Massage Therapist, as we embrace your current abilities and enhance your mobility through movement. 


This program is all about understanding and appreciating your body's current abilities, as we encourage new movement, so your body can take you wherever you want to go. 


The Moving Freely 4 week series is perfect for those are starting a new sport or fitness routine, returning to a routine or recreational athletes who are seeking to mitigate the every day aches and pain that come along with training.


The Moving Freely 4 week series includes: 

• Four (4) weekly mobility sessions, adaptable to all levels of fitness and ability (on demand, online)


• Weekly accountability texts to assist you as you build new habits


• Access to the NoVA Weekend Warriors network to keep you inspired with movement tips and 1 to 2 weekly mobility tutorials


• Downloadable e-journal to focus on your goals and progress throughout your journey

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