Open Communication: A Candid Conversation on Race, Bias and Cultural Competency

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On the anniversary of our co-authored blog post on misconceptions surrounding modesty and the muslim faith in regards to massage, Cordelia Gaffar guest hosts a special episode of NoVA Weekend Warriors where we discuss race, diversity and culture candidly and openly with a group of participants who share their experiences, questions and thoughts… with a goal of bringing us together through exploring our differences and listening experiences other than our own.

A note from Meg: I understand that 1 hour 15 minutes may seem lengthy. But if you are unable to take that amount of time in one sitting, I understand. I then, ask of you, to save the link and visit the discussion in bite size increments over the next few days. Or feel free to listen to the podcast version so you can easily stop and come back to it. Like many conversations, the toughest parts may happen for you later in the episode… and while sometimes cringe worthy, I think they are important. We are in a unique time were we are no longer sweeping things under the table. We are finally addressing them, understanding the consequences of our actions and doing the work to do better. My hope is that this conversation works towards that goal.

A special thank you to today’s guest host Cordelia Gaffar.

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