• Meg Donnelly

E14 - Building Fitness and Wellness into Your Work Day with Rowan Tree CoFounders Amy Dagliano and K

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Amy Dagliano and Kate Janich Viggiano, Co-Founders of Rowan Tree, a new Co-Work and Co-Growth Space in Herndon, Virginia, discuss how and why they incorporate fitness and wellness into their work day and into their business model for Rowan Tree.

Connect with Rowan Tree: Website: https://workrowan.com Rowan Tree Facebook page: https://facebook.com/workrowan Rowan Tree Instagram page: https://instagram.com/workrowan Rowan Tree Twitter page: https://twitter.com/workrowan Rowan Tree campaign at iFund Women: https://ifundwomen.com/projects/rowan-tree

Links Mentioned in this Episode: Rowan Tree Pop Up CoWorking Days and other events: https://workrowan.com/happenings/ The Great Good Place by Ray Oldenburg: https://www.dacapopress.com/titles/ray-oldenburg/the-great-good-place/9781569246818/ ArtSpace Herndon: https://www.artspaceherndon.org/ Lake Anne Brew House: https://lakeannebrewhouse.com/ ___

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