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Special Announcements: Season Two and LIVE Event

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Curtain and spotlight with audience awaiting announcement and text reading: NoVA Weekend Warriors 4.29.2019 Save The Date

We are BACK with Season 2 starting this Sunday with new episodes each Wednesday and hear about how to grab tickets to our first ever NoVA Weekend Warriors LIVE event, happening on Monday evening, April 29th.

Transcript: Hello Northern Virginia! NoVA Weekend Warriors, hosted by yours truly, Meg Donnelly, a Licensed Massage Therapist focused on those Weekend Warriors, is BACK with Season 2 starting this Sunday. And we have our first ever special LIVE show coming up as well.

That’s right, After a few technological glitches and a few false starts because of it. NoVA Weekend Warriors, the podcast geared towards runners, cyclists, recreational athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and fans of fitness in the Northern Virginia area is back! The first episode of Season 2 will drop this Sunday, followed by weekly episodes every Wednesday.

In addition to that, NoVA Weekend Warriors is going LIVE in front of an audience for the first time ever! NoVA Weekend Warriors LIVE will be happening Monday night April 29th with multiple ways for you to listen and interact. Come see us in person at the Live broadcast, podcast recording and community television taping all happening at the same time. We will be centrally located in Northern Virginia at Rowan Tree co-working space in Herndon. That date again is Monday April 29th from 5:30pm - 7:30pm. We will have 30 minutes for everyone to settle in and mix and mingle with past guests and local fitness experts over food, drink and fun. We will have an interactive fitness related art project and a few other surprises. Then, starting at 6pm, we will start recording LIVE with an interactive audience, hopefully yourself included. We have a panel of 10 including past guests and local fitness experts, audience Q&A and special door prizes, and more food & drink of course. Come ask all your fitness related questions on air and find out more about season 2. Tickets are extremely limited though. So go to to grab tickets while you can!

So to recap, listen for new episodes of NoVA Weekend Warriors this Sunday and then each Wednesday. I hope to see you at the live event on April 29th, go to to reserve your spot. Until then, I’m Meg Donnelly, Licensed Massage Therapist and your host, hoping you have fun with your fitness goals and enjoy each new challenge you set for yourself or that comes your way! Bye.

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