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NoVA Weekend Warriors LIVE! at Rowan Tree featuring a Panel of Past Guests, Future Guests and Fitnes

NoVA Weekend Warriors LIVE Group Photo of Panelists

LIVE from Rowan Tree with our Past Guests Panel (Part 1 of 2) Listen wherever you find your podcast or right here.

LIVE from Rowan Tree with our Past Guests Panel (Part 2 of 2)

Listen wherever you find your podcast or right here.

NoVA Weekend Warriors​ LIVE broadcast, podcast Recording and Herndon Community Television (HCTV)​ local television taping at Rowan Tree​ co-working community in Herndon was a smashing success! Look for the official taping on Herndon Community Television (HCTV) in the coming months. But in the meantime, check out this Facebook Live video shot by our very own guest, Coach Tracy Endo with NoVA Sports Coach. Or listen to the 2 Part Episode "Live from Rowan Tree with our Past Guest Panel", which is available most anywhere you find your podcasts or listen through the player below.

Our event included an audience Q&A featuring a panel of past guests and fitness experts, a take home fitness-inspired art project headed up by Mizz Mozaic the Caterer of Creativity​, food, drink and fun! Giveaways included a ticket package to a Washington Spirit Game (Women's Professional Soccer ROCKS!), co-work pass to Rowan Tree and a massage from yours truly, Meg Donnelly, Licensed Massage Therapist.

Panelists included:

Stephanie Wright with EOTH​ - Local Runner of Season 1 Episode: Fearless: Run for Yourself

Rachel Eisenfeld with Elden Street Tea Shop​ and Soleful Orthotic Solutions, LLC.​ of Season 1 Episode: An Athlete’s Sole

Greg Russell - Ragnar Relay​ Warrior of Season 1 Episode: Run Ragnar

Colleen Dee Tiberius Shumaker​ - Finding The Fantastic​ of Season 1 Episode: Colleen’s Fantastic Journey

Tracy Endo - NoVa Sports Coach​ TriAthlete and Swim Coach of Season 1 Episode: Tri to Swim

Liz Badley/Naomi Warner - Team Run Galloway Girls​ of Season 1 Episode: Run/Walk/Run to your next PR

Anna Gibson - TriAthlete & Entrepreneur at AKG Design Studio​ of Season 1 Episode: The Road to Augusta

Anne Cochrane Mader​ - Mountain Biker and Owner of The Bike Lane​ and Bike Lane Brewing​ of Season 2 (Episode Drops Wednesday April 24th!)

Traci & Hannah Waller - SLHS Track & Field of Season 2 (Episode Coming Soon - early release for those attending)!

Kelly Roth of Kelly Roth, Real Estate​, Properties & Pints​ and Founder of Old Town Herndon Happy Hour Runners​ Season 1 Episode: Run Club Spotlight: Old Town Herndon Happy Hour Runners

Auto Transcription available upon request.

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