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A Special (Long Overdue) Note to my Clients & Colleagues

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Card with blue background that reads "Focus Outward. We tend to focus on ourselves in conversations; how we're coming across and what the other person is thoinking of us.  This internal focus increases self-consciousness and axiety.  During your interactions today, turn your focus outward.  Show that you're attending to the other person through your responses to what they say.  See what it's like to take the attention off yourself."

When I pulled this card in my deck that addresses a different technique daily for handling anxiety, worry and rumination, I instantly thought of you, my clients and colleagues. NOT because any of you cause my anxiety, worry or rumination. Quite the opposite actual. The card was a reminder I have the privilege of focusing outward when working with my clients and colleagues. While I’m not yet working with clients in person just yet due to the pandemic, it’s a good reminder to ensure I take this approach always, not just in the massage studio. ⁣

I know I have been distant this year during the time I am not seeing clients in person. But I also haven't communicated often either. I shifted my focus and attention, which was necessary. In the process though, I inadvertently lacked a chance to stay connected with many of you. Hopefully, I can start to reconnect and reengage with the hands on work I love soon, not quite yet, but soon. Assisting clients and colleagues work towards goals makes massage and mobility so rewarding. And I miss the work so much! ⁣

A bit of news. I am working towards coming back to providing in person appointments during the second quarter of 2021 hopefully, starting with existing clients. There are a few more details to work out. I’m waiting until I finish a 5 week MIT online course on COVID transmission, navigating where we are in the vaccination schedule, and monitoring where cases sit once spring arrives. But I feel hopeful. (Please though, don't worry or feel awkward if you've found other ways or other providers to address your goals. I understand and support you in meeting your health and wellness goals, whether I am a part of that progress or not).

As always, I’m still here. Just online instead of in person. If you need referrals to other providers, if you’d like to update me on your progress, or if you’d like to talk mobility and movement through my personal training certification, please reach out. Fees are waived for our first conversation for existing clients. ⁣

We have a lot ahead of us in 2021, but also a lot to look forward to. I know I’m looking forward to focusing outward! ⁣

All the best,⁣


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Janet Gorman Schiesl
Janet Gorman Schiesl
20 févr. 2021

Good to hear you are reconnecting and coming back safely.

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