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Instagram Post 3.14.2021

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Person receiving vaccination from health care professions (originally posted on ABMP social media)

I am smart enough to know that if I hang around smart people, I’ll learn something new. @sakinahirizarrylmt thank you for sharing so honestly and so openly. Not only should every massage therapist read this, everybody should.

Thank you for sharing your vaccination story. But also thank you for reminding us of the work we need to actively continue to address inequity in health care and everywhere.

I’m lucky to know you, my friend, my colleague, my mentor.

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Sakinah Irizarry, a New York-based massage therapist and advocate for educational equity and social justice, recounts her experience receiving the COVID-19 vaccine:

"It means less anxiety about bringing home this virus to my partner (who works from home) and my two boys (who attend school remotely).

It means I can worry a little less about being a vector, at risk of spreading COVID-19 to my clients and my larger community.

It means I can save my practice, a goal I’d worked so hard to achieve ever since deciding to go to massage school two months after being in New York City on 9/11."

✍️ What does the vaccine mean to you? ✍️


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