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Massage in a Time of COVID-19? A Panel Discussion unpacking "Do No Harm" during the Pandemic

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A quick note: Many times I sign off with "enjoy each new challenge that comes your way. Well for this episode, my greatest challenge was the audio. For a few of us on the panel it is ummm.... problematic.... this week. But the content is really, really great, so I hope you stick it out. For future recordings, I'm working on an alternative video platform and more importantly, my replacement mic will be in any day now. So you'll still be hearing my accent, but it will be a little less grating Thanks so sticking it out for this episode!

* * *

Show notes: As I continue to weigh the risks and benefits of massage while deciding whether or not to see clients in person, I was finding many massage group discussions remained polarized, with opposite sides (remain closed until a vaccine or see us as essential and allow us to practice without restriction). But I find the majority of us lie somewhere in between those two sides. Many times the debate comes down to 3 words "Do No Harm".

In this episode, we speak to 4 massage therapists about how they've unpacked the role of "Do No Harm" as a massage therapist during the pandemic. We'll find out their interpretation, how or if it has affected whether they are seeing (or plan to see) clients in person. We'll discuss other considerations that each massage therapist should look at as we each make our own decision and touch on how clients can use the information to discuss options with their massage therapist. We also chat about the importance of critical thinking and decision making.

Special thanks to each of my guests:

4:57 Allissa Haines with Haines Massage and Massage Business Blueprint

(Side note: You can also join Massage Business Blueprint through my affiliate link if you want to help me earn some sweet non-monetary perks )

16:05 Cal Cates with Healwell

26:20 Tania Velasquez with Pinpoint Education and OPEN Bodywork

42:22 Jeffrey Montoya with Milwaukee Reiki and Academy of Health

Resources discussed:

1:32 Massage Business Blueprint What Rules Do I Have to Follow? (An discussion with Ruth Werner)

1:50 Healwell COVID-19 Resources

57:13 First, Do No Harm (Oops this article was at Harvard Health Publishing, not The Lancet)

1:02:44 Healwell's Worst Game Ever (Hold the Hot Potato)

#DoNoDumbAss (Watch the episode to understand this hashtag and have a laugh with us) Recorded on June 24th, 2020

Auto-transcription available upon request through Temi.

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