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Pandemic Related Small Biz Resources for Massage Therapists

Early on during the pandemic, I created a Small Business Resources for Massage Therapists during the pandemic, as we were having trouble finding information and resources. But it was last updated in July 2020, so much of this information has changed since July or is at the very least better understood. Many of the resources may no longer apply. As time allows, I will add newer blog posts with more up to date information and additional resources for small business resources for massage therapists. But in the meantime, your best bet for Massage related business resources is the Massage Business Blueprint premium membership*:

Massage Business Blueprint is a supportive online community for business-minded massage therapists. It contains resources, discussion, courses, and mentoring to help massage therapists grow the thrive. Most recently, the Massage Business Blueprint premium community has been of great assistance as we navigate a new environment where COVID-19 has impacted our profession and changed our approach.


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