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Customized therapeutic massage and mobility work for new to fitness, returning to sport and recreational athletes




Your goals are uniquely yours, so NoVA Weekend Warriors offers you options to address your specific needs. Choose the sessions that are right for you. All sessions and series are priced inclusively with no additional fees, service charges, or gratuities accepted. New client? First, schedule an Exploratory Call (consult). After your initial exploratory call, you will be able to schedule online based on your goals.

Therapeutic Massage

Customized sessions focused on your unique goals, priced inclusively with no additional fees, service charges or gratuities accepted.

Mobility Coaching

Add on a 20 minute mobility session tailored around your specific areas of focus to enhance your overall session

The Focused Goals Massage Series

Address a specific area of concern with a series of 20 minute therapeutic massage sessions.

Focused on Your Goals

You are unique, and so are your goals. Working together with Meg, we can address your goals through massage and mobility work, whether you are addressing pain and discomfort in a specific area of your body, working on stress and anxiety management or looking for great recovery tools as you take your performance goals to the next level.

  • Pain Relief
    Pain Relief
  • Ease Stress and Anxiety
    Ease Stress and Anxiety
  • Address Performance Goals
    Address Performance Goals

Next Steps


Plan Your Session

We'll review your day to day activities, your specific goals, any specific areas you wish to address, and most importantly, what fits into your lifestyle to choose the massage and mobility work options that are right for you.


Schedule First Appointment

With daytime and evening options available, we’ll find a schedule together that works best for your busy lifestyle.

About Meg Donnelly, LMT

I'm Meg Donnelly, a Licensed Massage Therapist, movement enthusiast and on again/off again run-for-fun runner. While my studio is open to all, much of my work focuses on the unique needs of those new to fitness, returning to sport and recreational athletes. We ARE athletes, we are Weekend Warriors . . . runners, cyclists, swimmers, outdoor enthusiasts and fans of fitness at all levels, all sizes and all abilities.

If a cookie-cutter approach doesn't work, this is the place for you. My role will vary based on your individual goal or goals. Whether iit's performing at your best, recovering quickly or even just finding some much needed balance during the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives... I'm here for you!

Meg Donnelly - Licensed Massage Therapist
Meg Donnelly - Licensed Massage Therapist


Experience the difference at NoVA Weekend Warriors, where your licensed massage therapist, Meg Donnelly, specializes in sports massage, therapeutic massage, mobility work and pain support in Herndon, Virginia, neighboring Reston. Read through these reviews for Meg at NoVA Weekend Warriors to hear what others have to say about the transformative work happening here.