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My Approach to Therapeutic Massage and Mobility:

Welcome!  I'm Meg Donnelly, a Licensed Massage Therapist, movement enthusiast and on again/off again run-for-fun runner.  While my studio is open to all, much of my work focuses on the unique needs of recreational and new-to-fitness athletes.  We ARE athletes, we are Weekend Warriors . . . runners, cyclists, swimmers, outdoor enthusiasts and fans of fitness of all levels and abilities. 


If a cookie-cutter approach doesn't work, this is the place for you.  My role will vary based on your individual goal or goals.  Whether its performing at your best, recovering quickly or even just finding some much needed balance during the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives... I'm here for you! 

Meg Donnelly, Licensed Massage Therapist, performs massage on arm and shoulder of client lying face up.

Why I chose to become a Licensed Massage Therapist focused on mobility:

After a 20+ year career in the hotel industry, I found myself longing for something new.  So I decided to take time off to travel, assist my family, explore other career options and find a new challenge. 

Within days of my sabbatical however, I broke my wrist and forearm in multiple places while hiking in West Virginia.  It was an extremely painful months long recovery but I was amazed at the progress I made through Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, under the direction of a Hand Specialist.  It was then that I realized the power of those in the Health & Wellness industry.  I looked into many different related careers including Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Yoga and Personal Training.  I was also receiving massage therapy regularly at this time for stress reduction and to help my body recover more quickly.  I experienced so many positive effects, I decided to go to school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.

During school, I joined Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals (ABMP).  I remain an active member of ABMP today.  After working with one of my mentors at her studio, I officially opened my own studio, Meg Donnelly LMT, LLC, in January 2018.  Located at the Springwood Professional Center on the border of Herndon and Reston in Northern Virginia (NoVA), I've created a convenient, relaxing atmosphere for my clients to meet their goals.  

In addition to my initial massage education and mobility training, I have taken many continuing education classes including Advanced Myofascial Techniques, Intelligent Deep Tissue Techniques, How Essential Oils Work in the Body, Stretching Techniques, Table Thai Yoga Techniques, Elite Athlete Care, Management of Chronic Conditions and Pain Science Applications, Prenatal and Postpartum Massage, and The Ethics of Working with People with Cancer (Oncology Massage). I earned my personal training certification in 2021 as well, so look for additional movement and mobility courses and appointments, coming later this year.

If you want to learn more about me and/or the type of work I specialize in, please check out my blog.  Additionally, you can reach me by phone, text or email any questions.  If you are still not sure whether or not a massage session is right for you, feel free to schedule an Office Consultation, which includes a thorough intake and assessment to discuss your goals in an office setting.   

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