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Meg Donnelly is an award winning licensed massage therapist, mobility coach, adjunct instructor and owner of Meghan Donnelly LMT, LLC, a massage and mobility studio in Northern Virginia and host of NoVA Weekend Warriors.

Through her work she has helped thousands of (type of people - ideas: weekend warriors - people who are athletes but don't like to call themselves that) - what you do for them.  

She is the host of the NoVA Weekend Warriors community television show and podcast.  Her interviews have included local Northern Virginia athletes of all levels and all abilities, as well as the experts that work with them to achieve their goals.    


Meg Donnelly has also co-created a continuing education class, Challenging Racism in the Massage industry and co-presented In Every Class: Antiracism + Equity in Massage Education.  

Meg was a featured speaker for AFMTE, Rowan Tree co-work co-growth and HCTV.

Meg Donnelly's advice has been featured in Patch, Massage Business Blueprint, Why Not Today? and Massage Magazine.  She lives in Northern Virginia with her spouse and 3 (yes 3) cats.  

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 Current Hosting | Moderating | Presenting

As Featured In

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Expert Topics

  • Massage Therapy (broad to specific)

  • Movement and Mobility for New to Fitness

  • Redefining What It Means to Be A Weekend Warrior to Include ALL levels and ALL Abilities 

  • Antiracism and Equity in the Wellness community* 
    *c0-presented or co-authored to include representation from the global majority or alternatively, request will be turned over to a member of the global majority exclusively

For speaking engagement inquiries or to invite Meg as a guest on your podcast, please use this contact form: 

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