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What's Included and What Isn't

You may be wondering why my pricing is set up the way it is. This blog post will hopefully answer some of your questions and provide context to help you see all the value and ease behind my pricing strategy.

What's included:

Customization: Your customized massage is individualized to your goals. Based on your preferences, in addition to skilled hands-on techniques, you may include heat/thermal therapy, aromatherapy and assisted stretching techniques at no additonal cost. These options will be discussed prior to your appointment(s).

Time: You will receive the full time you booked. Meaning a 60 minute massage is a 60 minute massage and does not include any time we discuss your intake forms and health assessment. I block 30 minutes between clients to ensure you have a full 60 minutes of massage time, surrounded by 5-15 minutes pre-massage to discuss any areas of focus or goals for the session and post-massage to discuss results and a plan of action. I spend an additional 5-15 minutes logging our time together into my secured system, to ensure tracking of your goals, results and preferences . . . whether those be as simple as yes or no to music, an aromatherapy preference (or preference for a scent free experience), your preference for the tilt of the face cradle, your preference for pressure or something else altogether.

A Fully Licensed, Educated Professional: I have all the proper licenses, certifications and permits with the State of Virginia, County of Fairfax and Town of Herndon. I complete continuing education credits annually that far exceed the requirements. These regulations are important as they keep the community safe and help safeguard legitimate Licensed Massage Therapists.

Music (if you want it): I have over 17 hours of business licensed relaxation music from Artful Touch Music. So, you will hear new, unique music each time you are in the office. But, you may prefer the simple sounds of nature availabile through my sound machine. Or you may prefer no music at all. Its up to you!

Premium, High Quality Products: I use pesticide free jojoba from The Jojoba Company, Sacred Earth Botanicals Organics massage oil or Sacred Earth Botanicals paraban free massage cream, all fragrance free. All Aromatherapy is provided by Aromatics International Essential Oils and I use Mother Earth Pillows for heat/thermal therapy. These premium, high quality products cost more but they provide a safe, hypoallergenic alternative to the less expensive, more commonly used brands you might find elsewhere.

Thoughtful, Clean, Comfortable Surroundings: Extra care is placed on cleaning protocols between clients and at the end of the day. The massage table top, all pillows, all bolsters and the face cradle are covered with TerraTouch medical grade, hygenic covers, which are disinfected between each client, along with any other surfaces touched during a session. Linens are cleaned using sensitive skin detergents, that are free & clear of allergens. Heat/Thermal Therapy is monitored for safety through the use of a temperature controlled approved hot cabinet. Essential Oils are used using the guidelines outlined by the Tisserand Institute and in the comprehensive text "Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals 2nd Edition" by Robert Tisserand (Author),‎ Rodney Young.

What Isn't Included:

No Additional Fees: What others might consider "add ons" are included in your customized therapeutic massage, based on your personal preferences and goals without any additional fees.

No Surprises: We do a thorough intake and come up with a plan for the session before you are on the table. We will discuss the process, areas we may spend additional time on and any heat/thermal therapy, aromatherapy or assisted stretching that may be incorporated. This is your personal time, so it should be based on your preferences, not mine.

No Gratuities/No Tipping: Your price does not include a gratuity or a tip and I do not accept them. Take that tip and put it towards your next massage instead!

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